These are the most exciting sexual positions that will make your partner mad!

You must keep your sexual life seasoned. Otherwise, you could end up with a routine that can ruin your whole relationship.

Here are some sexual positions that will make your partner crazy.

Position GPS

This position is very enjoyable, as the penetration angle stimulates the G-spot.

Ask your partner to hold your hand and climb onto his back. Then, ask him to wrap his arms around you while you rest your feet on the table.

This is a difficult situation, but it will be worth it!

Jellyfish position

You must kneel down and lean on your boyfriend’s legs, looking in your eyes and on your knees.

This position is intense and the penetration angle is very deep. You will also be able to care for your boyfriend in a romantic environment.

Position of “Shock collector”

This position requires you to lie on your back and squeeze your knees towards your chest. Your partner will be able to kneel in front you.

Your boyfriend will place your feet on your chest and push your body forward. After a brief break, you can move away. This will make the excitement last longer.

This is a great position to orgasm, stimulating the G-spot.

Spider position

Face a wall, raise one leg so you can support it like the Painter Man.

Your boyfriend will reach your back and stimulate your clitoris. He can also care for your breasts.

Position of Adhesive Tape

This position allows you to get very close to your boyfriend. You will need to lay on your back, and then lift your legs up over your partner.

Your boyfriend will be able to get down on his knees and enter you, moving his body backward and forward.