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Fat women have different sexual preferences

Each woman is unique, and that’s perfectly normal. Even if you are a little heavier than others, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid sex, feel embarrassed, or be restricted from having sex. Your boyfriend will be proud of you as you are. Let’s also discuss some sexual positions that can help you feel more sexy.

Doggie style. This position is ideal for shapely women, as they will be able to enjoy it with their partner. He will penetrate your back from behind if you stand or kneel on the mattress. The woman will have an easy time reaching orgasm if you adjust the penetration angle so that the penis massages your G-spot.

Rodeo. You can also place your back against the rodeo to cover your stomach and thighs. You and your partner will both be impressed by your bottom and back, and you’ll be able to play with your own arms, since you won’t have to use your arms.

Teaspoon. Both of you stand on one side, and he approaches from the behind. This position is very light and comfortable. It can be used especially during the first stages of sexual intercourse as it requires slower movements. This position is intimate and the man holds his partner almost in his arms during penetration.

Lap dance. You sit on his lap, with your back to your partner, on a chair or couch. He performs up and down moves. This position is extremely relaxing for the man. He doesn’t have to touch you. You could become tired quickly if you aren’t used to this position.

Picamer. The missionary is in a similar position. The man is in front of the woman, while she is on her back. He is positioned on the top of her, with her legs wrapped around his. This position allows you to gaze into each other’s eyes, and you can kiss as many times as you like.

Find out which sexual positions are most appealing to you and your partner!

Men and women can enjoy or like certain sexual positions just as women do.

One of these sexual positions will help you satisfy your lover and make him feel more alive.

These are the top sexual positions to excite your partner!

Missionary position

This is a romantic position, and men love to be romantic!

Your partner will dominate you. He will be able to touch you, love you, and control the depth of his penetration.

This is a tempting position for both you and your boyfriend, so don’t delay in expressing your desire!

Doggie Style position

This is a strong and dominant position for men.

Your boyfriend can place his hands on your stomach and allow you to rest your palms on top of the bed. This position is very popular with men because it can be admiring, can caress your body, and stimulate your clitoris.

Your boyfriend will kiss your neck and hug you while you lie down on the side of the bed.

Position of the butterfly

This sexual position will allow your partner to have complete control over the speed and degree of penetration.

Your partner will be able to see you from the other side.

The Woman’s Position Above

Men like to be controlled. This position will allow you to control his movement and penetration.

This is the time when your boyfriend will be attracted to you by the way that you look and how you move. The orgasm won’t be far off!

Are you looking to make sure your boyfriend is loyal to you? Here are the steps to take!

Infidelity is a major problem in relationships. Stress and fatigue at work can also have serious consequences for a couple’s relationship.

These are the things you can do to get your boyfriend to stay true to you. Your relationship will be renewed and stronger.

Communication is the core element of a couple’s relationship
Communication is essential for a successful relationship. Communicate with your partner and listen to him when he has something. Also, make time for you to talk about yourself, the house, and other topics.
This will strengthen your bonds and make your relationship more attractive.

Sincerity is rare in society. This is why it is important to act maturely and be as honest with your partner as possible.
If you’re attracted to another man, don’t cheat on him. But, be honest with your boyfriend and tell him how you feel. Maybe you can both come up with a solution. You may regret cheating on him and it could be too late.

Show your partner you love him by showing appreciation!
When we do something well, or just take on a new look, we all enjoy admiring and appreciating each other.
Learn from your boyfriend that he deserves your admiration for how he dresses, cooks, or behaves admirably.
Don’t put up a wall between you and your feelings. Instead, express your admiration for your partner and let him know that you appreciate his efforts to be as nice as possible.

Discuss your desires with your partner.
People aren’t born with the ability to read the thoughts and emotions of their loved ones. Talk to your partner about what you like and don’t enjoy in daily life and bed.
Only this way will your partner know what makes you happy and you’ll be surprised at how happy you are!

Sexless relationships are doomed to fail
A relationship without intimate intimacy is certain to fail and lead to infidelity. Let go of the stress and headaches, and remember that your boyfriend will eventually seek out pleasure in other women if you don’t give him moments of pleasure.

You should find time to be in love, no matter what your schedule. And if you have any fantasies, you can share them with your boyfriend so your sex life is more exciting.