Learn what makes you unattractive to males!

Sometimes women find themselves attracted to the wrong men, but we insist that there are other strengths. It is really not appropriate.

Perhaps we women are being wrong in some way or have certain characteristics or behaviors that make men run!

Learn what makes you unattractive to males!

Perhaps he is already in love with someone else

Although you are having great meetings, he doesn’t seem to want to move on to another stage. Think first of the possibility that he has already met another woman.

You shouldn’t lose faith in yourself. You will meet your partner.
You may not be able to pay his bills.

Although it is an act of high education by a man to pay the bill every month, if you attend only high-class places at appropriate prices, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t answer the telephone.

He might not be ready to spend so much on a woman he’s only known for a short time.

To be more calm, offer to help with the grade if needed and try to discover which places he goes to in order to plan for a future meeting.

Perhaps you weren’t able to find the qualities you were looking for in your partner!

People go through so many stressful situations and events these days that it can sometimes lead to them being difficult or having certain preferences in dating.

It is possible that he didn’t like you enough to want a relationship.

Additionally, men are increasingly dating for sex without any specific purpose. Avoid such situations!

There are differences between you, his friends
If you don’t make a good impression on his friends, or if they are closed-minded, it is likely that he won’t invite you to the city with his friends.

There is nothing you can do except to try and find out what they are unhappy about and to try your best to win their trust.

The issue of sex has become a major concern

The sexual passion between partners appears to have vanished over the course of a relationship. Although you may have been crazy to spend the day in bed, you now don’t remember the last time you had sex with your partner.

Talk to your partner and get rid of the usual female excuses. You will lose him.