Find out which sexual positions are most appealing to you and your partner!

Men and women can enjoy or like certain sexual positions just as women do.

One of these sexual positions will help you satisfy your lover and make him feel more alive.

These are the top sexual positions to excite your partner!

Missionary position

This is a romantic position, and men love to be romantic!

Your partner will dominate you. He will be able to touch you, love you, and control the depth of his penetration.

This is a tempting position for both you and your boyfriend, so don’t delay in expressing your desire!

Doggie Style position

This is a strong and dominant position for men.

Your boyfriend can place his hands on your stomach and allow you to rest your palms on top of the bed. This position is very popular with men because it can be admiring, can caress your body, and stimulate your clitoris.

Your boyfriend will kiss your neck and hug you while you lie down on the side of the bed.

Position of the butterfly

This sexual position will allow your partner to have complete control over the speed and degree of penetration.

Your partner will be able to see you from the other side.

The Woman’s Position Above

Men like to be controlled. This position will allow you to control his movement and penetration.

This is the time when your boyfriend will be attracted to you by the way that you look and how you move. The orgasm won’t be far off!